Argan Heritage

Sometimes known as ‘LIQUID GOLD’ due to its amazing transformational properties, ARGAN OIL is a prized ingredient in skincare.

The production of Argan oil was traditionally the preserve of the Berber women, and the techniques of Argan oil extraction were based on traditional knowledge that had been passed from mothers to daughters of Berber families down the centuries. Between June and August, the Berber women would harvest the ripe fruit that had fallen to the ground. This fruit would be dried for several weeks in the sun, then the women would crack the nut between two rocks to extract the precious, oil-rich seeds - the nut is reputed to be sixteen times harder than a hazelnut.

OUR ARGAN OIL is of the highest standards and 100% undiluted to ensure results. The Argan seeds are carefully ground, cold-pressed and passed through a filtration process to obtain the oil. Our suppliers support the local Berber population and help to promote and maintain the preservation of the forest of Argan trees.

Argan Oil contains exceptionally high levels of essential fatty acids, including linoleic acid (Omega-6) which has a structural effect on membrane fluidity and contribute to the barrier function of the epidermis. Essential fatty acids also counter drying and loss of elasticity in skin, helping to prevent or delay wrinkle formation; the skin becomes more supple and more toned. This action against skin ageing is reinforced by very high levels of gamma tocopherols which are one of the most powerful biological anti-oxidants in neutralizing free radicals. It also protects cell membranes from lipid oxidation, thereby slowing the skin’s ageing process.

Argan Oil is also rich in vitamins, particularly E which is essential for the skin. Vitamin E has been shown to significantly help in the reduction of scarring and the appearance of stretch marks.

THE ARGAN TREE is known as the ‘Tree of Life’ to the Berbers for the many health benefits it brings, this spiny tree (argania spinosa) grows wild and exclusively in the south-west of Morocco in the Souss Plain, where there are 21 million trees covering almost 800,000 hectares. As a rare and endangered species, the argan forest was declared an International Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1999.

The Argan tree can reach a height of between 8 and 10 metres and some have been known to live as long as 200 years. The root system extends to a considerable depth, which helps to protect against soil erosion and hold back the encroachment by the Sahara Desert.

The tree bears hermaphrodite flowers which appear in May or June and are greenish yellow, or sometimes white. These are followed by the fruit. The fruit is an oval berry, the size and shape of a large olive, which contains a nut with one or two seeds. A tree can produce up to 8kg of fruit per year, i.e. an average of 128,000 tonnes per year for all the Moroccan argan trees.

SUSTSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT We purchase our Argan Oil from women's cooperatives in Morocco to support their social and economic welfare. These cooperatives work within a UNESCO biosphere reserve that ensures the protection and reforestation of Argan trees.